Hector B. Villalba

International and Argentine "Maestro of Tango"

Master of Improvisational Milongüero

To Argentine Tango Dancers: Buenos Aires, Argentina...Tango Boarding School at the DANDI in San Telmo, Buenos Aires is pleased to announceu, after years of hard work and intense teaching of the Tango Dance (milonga, vals), the honour of being chosen by Tango Boarding School, an international cultural association, as the most elegant, authentic and suitable place to learn Tango, for all the different grades of the learning process, from beginners giving their first steps to teachers that would be able to do different kinds of seminaries. Our goal is to spread the Tango Culture all over the world and we think that the best way of doing that is teaching it in the place where it was born.

Hector Villalba, the Director, who encouraged Tango in 1972 in San Francisco, California, together with Jorge Ledesma. They have also been restless fighters for the expansion of our beloved Tango abroad. Nowadays, Hector is an honorable partner of the Bay Area Tango and iniciator of the Dandi Academy in San Telmo in 2000. He chose for the academy the most authentic Maestros of Tango Argentino. For more information, you can visit us in www.dandiroyal.com.ar or dens us a mail to info@dandiroyal.com.ar

"Barrio de Tango, a petite salon, with its original 1925 wooden floor. World-wide international Milongueros and lovers of the Tango are welcome, Bien Venidos. Lessons, paractice, and dancing available for beginners, intermediates and advanced -- Tango, Milonga, and Vals. Cafe - Bar -Tapas - Pastries (Smoking and non-smoking areas) Parking available.

Artistic Photographer Available

Custom Made Dance Shoes (ladies & Mens)

Videos - Music - CD's

Open from 10am until the candles burn out.

Genuine Argentine Tango from Legitimate Maestros Milongueros